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Wills & Estates

West Legal incorporates Robert D West & Associates and has been servicing the community with a particular focus on wills and estates, for over 45 years.

We have assisted families during difficult times regarding the administration and distribution of estates.

We are able to assist you with

  • Making a Will
  • Changing a Will
  • Applying for a grant of Probate
  • Applying for Letters of Administration where there is no Will

Distribution of a Deceased's Estate

The distribution of a person's estate can be made through a grant of Probate or by Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court of NSW which authorises an Executor to distribute the deceased's estate.


Where there is a Will and you are the nominated Executor of the Will, we can help you to apply at the Supreme Court of NSW to apply for Probate. Once you are granted probate, we can then assist you with the distribution of the deceased's estate in accordance with the Will.

Letters of Administration

Where a person has died but has not left a Will, there is legislation that details how the estate of the deceased person is to be handled and the formula for the distribution of the deceased's estate. We can assist you in applying for Letters of Administration and we will take care of all the legal formalities on your behalf.

Challenging Wills

Claims can be made against the distribution of any estate by a person in appropriate circumstances. We give advice to people in connection with such claims and we have particular experience in this area of the law.