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Business law

Contract drafting and review

With our wide ranging expertise in business law, we make a point of joining with our clients in achieving their legal objectives. This involves us understanding your business. Surprisingly, there is an attitude prevailing in many segments of the Australian commercial world, where arrangements are entered into with far reaching legal consequences and without legal advice being obtained. We are particularly geared to providing advice and assistance to Australian manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and others in the business world, in connection with maximising the legal benefits achievable through their ventures whilst minimising exposure to liability.

Business ventures and on-going advice

WestLegal assists all businesses, regardless of size, in relation to the legal issues they face from the time of start-up and on an on-going basis. This includes issues concerning the way the business is structured for the purposes of taxation and minimisation of risk, occupational health and safety, commercial leases, insurances, dealings with government including the local council and other statutory authorities, intellectual property, trade practices, directors duties and a host of other considerations.


We proactively encourage evaluation and protection of your legal position for the purpose of minimising your legal exposure. Litigation can sometimes be a part of operating a business. In commercial litigation, the experience of the lawyer plays a large part, not only in the outcome of the matter but also in the firm's ability to minimise costs. Peter Lofitis has had extensive experience in commercial litigation for over 30 years.