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About Us

Peter Lofitis

Peter Lofitis has been a lawyer for over 33 years. He has been in general practice and has a solid grounding in the law. He has handled a very large number of cases in most areas of law and has a particular interest in litigation, including litigation concerning wills and estates. Peter is able to tailor strategies to a client's needs. He has extensive experience in negotiating and undertaking transactions dealing with legal complexities. He is also a Public Notary.


Caitlin Evans

Caitlin Evans currently works on the firm's deceased estates and conveyancing matters.


Robert West

West Legal incorporates Robert D West & Associates. Robert continues an involvement in the practice as a consultant. He practised law in Chester Hill for well over 30 years. He served the local community in areas such as Wills and Estates, Conveyancing and many other areas of law.


Danielle Quinn

Danielle Quinn works with the firm as a consultant and has had a long history with us in servicing client's needs.